The Family Urology Center

412 E. Dove Ave

McAllen, Texas 78504

Telephone: (956) 686-7243

Fax: (956) 686-8067

Adult and Pediatric Urologist and Applied Clinical Nutritionist

Practicing Medicine in Texas since November 1, 1995

Professional Training

  1. State University of New York – Downstate Medical Center, Brooklyn, N.Y Medical School, 2 years surgery residency, completed 3 year Urology residency, Kidney Transplantation fellowship.
  2. TUFTS, New England Medical Center; Surgical Research Fellowship
  3. Texas Chiropractic College; Certification as Applied Clinical Nutritionist

Practice Emphasis

Combining traditional urological care with nutritional evaluations and intervention.

Diseases Treated

Male and female genital disorders, Incontinence, blood in urine, bladder, kidney and prostate cancer, urinary tract infections, circumcision, scrotal and testicle surgery, bladder lift and vaginal surgery without dangerous slings or meshes.


  1. Necessary blood work and imaging studies that may consist of plain x-rays, ultrasounds, CT or MRI evaluations
  2. Physical Examination
  3. Past medical and surgical history
  4. Review of medications and discussion of drug adverse effects
  5. Review of diet and nutritional supplements
  6. Discussion of treatment plans, alternatives and possible complications

Office Hours By Appointment

Open: Monday to Thursday Hours: 8 am to 5 pm, Friday Hours: 8 am to 4 pm.


On 412 E. Dove Ave between McColl Ave and C Street in McAllen Texas.